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Version: legacy

Command Compatibility between Selenium IDE and KR

During the migration process, KR will remove or transform certain Selenium IDE to make the tests functional. The following table contains more details:

Selenium Command KR KR alternative
add selection Yes addSelection
answer on next prompt Yes answerOnNextPrompt
assert No
assert alert Yes assertAlert
assert checked Yes assertChecked
assert confirmation Yes assertConfirmation
assert editable Yes assertEditable
assert element present Yes assertElementPresent
assert element not present Yes assertElementNotPresent
assert not checked Yes assertNotChecked
assert not editable Yes assertNotEditable
assert not selected value Yes assertNotSelectedValue
assert not text Yes assertNotText
assert prompt Yes assertPrompt
assert selected value Yes assertSelectedValue
assert selected label Yes assertSelectedLabel
assert text Yes assertText
assert title Yes assertTitle
assert value Yes assertValue
check Yes check
choose cancel on next confirmation Yes chooseCancelOnNextConfirmation
choose cancel on next prompt Yes chooseCancelOnNextPrompt
choose ok on next confirmation Yes chooseOkOnNextConfirmation
click Yes click
click at Yes clickAt
close Yes close
debugger No
do No
double click Yes doubleClick
double click at Yes doubleClickAt
drag and drop to object Yes dragAndDropToObject
echo Yes echo
edit content Yes editContent
else Yes else
else if Yes elseIf
end No
execute script No
execute async script No
for each No
if Yes if
mouse down Yes mouseDown
mouse down at Yes mouseDownAt
mouse move at Yes mouseMoveAt
mouse out Yes mouseOut
mouse over Yes mouseOver
mouse up Yes mouseUp
mouse up at Yes mouseUpAt
open Yes open
pause Yes pause
remove selection Yes removeSelection
repeat if No
run No
run script Yes runScript
select No select
select frame Yes selectFrame
select window No
Root → winserlocal"
send keys Yes sendKeys
set speed Yes setSpeed
set window size No
store Yes store
store attribute Yes storeAttribute
store json No
store text Yes storeText
store title Yes storeTitle
store value Yes storeValue
store window handle No
store xpath count Yes storeXpathCount
submit Yes submit
times No
type Yes type
uncheck Yes uncheck
verify No
verify checked Yes verifyChecked
verify editable Yes verifyEditable
verify element present Yes verifyElementPresent
verify element not present Yes verifyElementNotPresent
verify not checked Yes verifyNotChecked
verify not editable Yes verifyNotEditable
verify not selected value Yes verifyNotSelectedValue
verify not text Yes verifyNotText
verify selected label Yes verifySelectedLabel
verify selected value Yes verifySelectedValue
verify text Yes verifyText
verify title Yes verifyTitle
verify value Yes verifyValue
wait for element editable Yes waitForEditable
wait for element not editable Yes waitForNotEditable
wait for element not present Yes waitForElementNotPresent
wait for element not visible Yes waitForNotVisible
wait for element present Yes waitForElementPresent
wait for element visible Yes waitForVisible
webdriver answer on visible prompt No
webdriver choose cancel on visible confirmation No
webdriver choose cancel on visible prompt No
while Yes