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Create a new test case

To create a new Test Case, first, open your desired Katalon Project. You can learn more about how to create projects at: Create test project.

On the right side of Katalon Studio, you can see the Tests Explorer section containing access to all folders of your projects. In the Tests Explorer, do as follows:

  1. In the Tests Explorer panel, right-click on the Test Case folder, select New > Test Case
    Create new test case
    Alternatively, you can also go to File > New > Test Case from the main menu.
    • For better management, you can also create a new folder by selecting Test Cases > New > Folder, then create new test cases inside that folder.

  2. The New Test Case dialog appears. Enter your test case name, description, and tag. You can organize your project more efficiently by creating relevant test case names, tags, and providing detailed descriptions.
    Create new test case dialog
    After you are done, click OK. A new Test Case is created inside the Test Case folder.
  3. Once a new test case is created, it is opened in Manual view. This view allows users to create automated tests with little programming skills required. You can switch to the Script tab to edit in Script view.
    The manual view