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Project information

Project information displays the name, the location, and the description of the opened project. To view the project information, go to Project > Settings > Project Information.

Project information

Include/Exclude timestamp in .properties files

  • Katalon Studio version 8.2.5 onwards
From Katalon Studio version 8.2.5 onwards, you can include/exclude timestamp in .properties files. To do so:
  1. Go to Project > Settings > Project Information.
  2. Check/Uncheck the Include/Exclude timestamps in .properties files box. By default, this box is unchecked for new projects.
  3. Click Apply.
    Include/Exclude timestamps in .properties files option
    • This enhancement only applies to:

      • Native integrations with Katalon Studio, including Katalon TestOps, Azure DevOps, the qTest Integration, Basic Report, and Applitools Integration plugins.
      • Integration plugins, including the Jira Integration and TestRail Integration plugins.