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Import/Export Keywords

Katalon Studio allows the users to import/export for quick and better management of custom keywords. This feature minimizes the risk of moving test artifacts across different test projects.

Import Keywords

Currently, Katalon Studio provides two options to import keywords: from a local folder, or from a git repository.

To import new keywords, navigate to Menu > File > Import Keywords and choose your preferred option. Additionally, the users can import keywords from the Tests Explorer by right-clicking on the Keywords section to display the context menu as shown below.

Import from Local Folder

After the Browse For Folder panel appears, choose your desired folder to import the keywords to Katalon Studio. If the keywords imported don't belong to any package, Katalon Studio will put them into a default package.

Import from Git

If the user is importing the keywords from a public repository, NO authentication is required. However, if the repository is private, please provide your Git authentication.

When Katalon Studio successfully discovers the desired repository, it will ask the user to choose a branch to check out. Please select the branch that contains the keywords you want to import.

Katalon Studio will clone the Git repository to a default location in your project folder. Choose your initial branch and click Finish.

Katalon Studio will notify you whether the keywords are imported successfully. If the keywords imported don't belong to any package, Katalon Studio will put them into a default package.

Duplicate Keywords

There are instances of similar keywords exist in the project. Katalon Studio will automatically detect and alert users for taking actions. There are 3 options to choose as shown below.

Export Keywords

To increase code usability, Katalon Studio also let the users to export keyword for sharing across team memebers. Simply right-click on Keywords in the Tests Explorer, select Export from the context-menu.

The Browse For Folder panel will be displayed, choose your desired folder to export the keywords to the local storage.