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Katalon Studio Overview

About Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for automated test generation, where you can create, execute and view reports for your automated test. With both manual view and script view, Katalon Studio is suitable even when you have little programming experience, or you are aready an expert in the automated testing field.

With Katalon Studio, you can do the following:


Guide for onboarding

  • Download the latest version from our official website: Katalon Studio.

Install and set up

Katalon Studio supports Windows, macOS and Linux. You can find installation guides here: Installation Overview.

After installation, learn how to create your first project. See Manage Test Project.

If you are new to the test automation field, we have already created some sample projects for you to try out. You can clone or download from our GitHub repository: Katalon Studio Sample Projects.

Next step, explore some essential tools and personalize your configuration. See Get Started Overview.

Create and execute your test

Complete the above set up steps, and you are ready to create your first test case. See Create Test Case.

Put your test cases into a test suite, then execute. See Test Suite, Execute and Debug.

View test reports

When the execution finishes, you can view your test reports right in Katalon Studio. See Test Suite and Test Suite Collection Reports.

You can also upload and view advanced reports in Katalon TestOps - a companion product of Katalon. See TestOps Integration.

Extend Katalon Studio

There are more features to discover in Katalon Studio. You can install plugins from the Katalon Store and integrate with other tools like Jira, Git, Azure DevOps, Kobiton, etc. You can also create your own custom keywords or build private plugins and bring your automated test to the next level. See Introduction to Custom Keywords and Create your first Katalon Studio plugin.

Troubleshoot and support

If you have any trouble using Katalon Studio, navigate to this documentation: Troubleshooting common exceptions. For further support, go to Katalon Support, Forum, or Chat.

Learn more with our Katalon Academy course: Katalon Studio for Beginners: How to Create and Execute Automated Tests.