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Supported Technologies

This document gives you information on the supported technologies and integrations. For the supported environments (including browsers and operating systems), see: Supported environments.

Supported Application Under Test (AUT)

  • Support all front-end frameworks: ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • Android & iOS
  • Native application
  • Web mobile
  • Hybrid (*)
API Windows
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Windows Forms (WinForms)
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Classic Windows (Win32) apps on Windows 10 PCs

(*) Limitations: Elements inside embedded web views cannot be captured automatically by Record&Spy utilities.

Programming skill & Language

Low-codeRich set of utilities to generate and maintain automated script without programming experience
JavaFrom Java 8 (Java 1.8) onwards

Testing methodologies

Data-driven testing - DDT Built-in Database Version Katalon Studio Versions Katalon Studio Enterprise Versions
Oracle SQLv12.1.0.2Not supportedv7.0.0+
SQL Serverv6.2.2Not supportedv7.0.0+
Behavior-driven development - BDD v7.0.0+v7.0.0+
Keyword-driven testing - KDTv7.0.0+v7.0.0+
Page Object Model - POMv7.0.0+v7.0.0+

Testing capabilities

Testing Capabilities Supported Katalon Studio versions
Integration Testingv7.8.0+
Functional Testingv7.8.0+
E-2-E Testingv7.8.0+
Visual Testingv7.8.0+

Unique capabilities

Unique capabilitiesDescriptionSupported Katalon Studio versions
Application Under Test (AUT) Testing CombinationKatalon Studio allows combining multiple application types (Web UI, API, Mobile & Desktop) in one project and execution flow. You can test this capability with our GitHub sample project here.v7.0.0+
Dual-editor interfaceKatalon Studio test scripts are interchangeable between two interfaces: manual and scripting editors. This enables a team with a mixed level of automation testing skills to work effectively and efficiently in the same project.v7.0.0+
Self-healingThe Self-healing mechanism is to tackle the issue of broken locators during execution to reduce the test maintenance effort. Learn more.v7.6.0+
Smart WaitThe Smart Wait function tells the WebDriver to wait for the web page to become static before performing any operations. This reduces the risk of test failures caused when the page hasn't fully loaded. Learn more.v7.0.0+
Time CapsuleThis capability enables users to restore the Application Under Test to the state before the test failed, for example if locators did not find the expected Web UI objects. Learn more.v7.8.0+


Types of Reports Supported Katalon Studio versions
HTML, PDF, CSV v7.0.0+
Dynamic email configuration v7.5.0+
Release/build-based reports v7.8.0+
Performance, Trending & Insights reports (*)v7.6.2+

(*) Requirements: Katalon TestOps integration.

Cloud device integration

ProductDescriptionSupported Katalon Studio versions
AWS Device FarmExecute your Katalon test scripts with devices provided on AWS Device Farm by using aws-device-farm-integration.
App CenterExecute your Katalon test scripts with devices provided on App Center Test by using sideload to package Katalon projects in JUnit format.
BrowserstackExecute your tests on BrowserStack Selenium Grid from your Katalon Studio instance. You can also try our cloud-based test environment, see Katalon TestCloud overview.v7.0.0+
Docker imageRun tests with Katalon Docker image (KDI), which contains up-to-date browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Katalon Studio. With KDI, you do not need to use the Katalon Studio and Runtime Engine apps installed on your local machine.
KobitonExecute automated tests on Kobiton devices.v7.0.1+
LambdaTestRun your tests on LambdaTest Selenium Grid from your Katalon Studio instance.v7.8.0+
Sauce LabsExecute tests with Sauce Labs profiles and view Katalon test execution results on Sauce Labs using the Sauce Labs Integration from Katalon Store. You can also try our cloud-based test environment, see Katalon TestCloud overview.v7.0.0+
Custom integrationDefine desired capabilities in different environments for a Katalon project.v7.0.0+

ALM integration

ProductsDescriptionSupported Katalon Studio versions
Azure DevOps Test Plansv8.0.0+
GitStore and access test scripts for execution.v7.0.0+
Jira Integrate with Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center (Jira Server) using the Jira Integration plugin from the Katalon Store and Katalon Studio and TestOps integration on Atlassian Marketplace. See Jira Integration Overview.v7.0.0+
RallyLink Katalon Studio test cases and view test execution results in Rally using the Rally Integration plugin from the Katalon Store.v7.0.0+
SlackReceive test execution results from Katalon Studio to a Slack channel in real-time.
TestLinkManage Katalon tests on TestLink and view test results on TestLink after execution.v7.0.0+
  • In TestRail, you can view the test results of test suites executed in Katalon Studio.
  • In Katalon Studio, you can query test cases associated with test runs of TestRail in the dynamic test suite.

qTestMap Katalon tests and upload test results to qTest.v7.0.1+
Custom ALM integrationIntegrate with other tools using plugins or custom plugins on Katalon Store.v7.0.0+

CI/CD integration

Integrate Katalon projects into your CI/CD pipeline and set up your tests to be triggered when there is a new update in your project.

ProductsVersionsDescriptionSupported Katalon Studio versions
AWS CodeBuildIntegrate AWS CodeBuild with Katalon Docker image. See our sample on GitHub: buildspec.yml.

Azure DevOps

Run Katalon projects with Azure DevOps using Visual Studio Marketplace extension:

Katalon for Azure DevOps.
BambooBamboo Server v6.0.0+Download, deploy, and execute Katalon Studio tests on the Bamboo CI server automatically using the plugin on Atlassian marketplace: Katalon Studio for Bamboo.v7.8.0+
BuildKiteSee our BuildKite sample pipeline on GitHub: .buildkite/pipeline.yml.
CircleCI Execute Katalon tests with your CircleCI CI/CD pipeline using Katalon Orb:


CloudBees CodeShipSee our CodeShip sample pipeline on GitHub:
GitHub ActionsAutomate Katalon Studio projects execution using Katalon Studio GitHub Action on GitHub marketplace.v7.8.0+
GitLab CI/CDIntegrate your Katalon Studio project and run your GitLab CI/CD jobs in a Docker container built from the Katalon Studio Docker image. See our GitLab sample pipeline on GitHub: .gitlab-ci.yml.
Google Cloud BuildIntegrate and execute your Katalon project with Google Cloud Build.
Harness CISet up a Workflow with Harness FirstGen and execute the tests in a Kubernetes cluster farm.
JenkinsIntegrate Jenkins with Katalon Runtime Engine and execute Katalon tests with Jenkins. See our Jenkins sample pipeline on GitHub: Jenkinsv7.8.0+
TeamCityIntegrate TeamCity with Katalon Runtime Engine and execute Katalon tests with TeamCity using the Katalon Studio Runner plugin on JetBrains marketplace.v7.8.0+
Travis CISync Katalon projects with Travis CI and execute Katalon tests. See our Travis CI sample pipeline on GitHub: .travis.yml

Integration in Katalon Quality Platform

ProductsSupported Katalon Studio versions
Katalon TestCloudv8.2.5+
Katalon TestOps v7.0.0+
Katalon TestOps Private Instancev8.3.5+
Katalon Recorderv7.8.0+

Migration from other tools

ToolsDescriptionSupported Katalon Studio versions
JUnitMigrate your test cases from JUnit projects to Katalon Studio.
Postman Import RESTful test requests from Postman to Katalon Studio.v7.8.0+
Selenium Migrate your test cases from Selenium to Katalon Studio.v7.4.0+
Selenium IDE Import a Selenium IDE version 3 project for execution with Katalon Studio.v7.5.10+
SoapUIImport SOAP requests to Katalon Studio.v7.8.0+
TestNGMigrate your test cases from TestNG to Katalon Studio.


Supported Katalon Studio versions
Community package (Comparison)v7.0.0+
Enterprise packagesv7.0.0+


Supported Katalon Studio versions
Katalon forum v7.0.0+
Exclusive Support Service v7.0.0+

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