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Install Katalon Studio on macOS/Windows

This article provides information on how to install Katalon Studio on macOS/Windows.

  • A valid email to register a Katalon Account
  • An active Internet connection to download Katalon Studio

Supported technology

  • From Katalon Studio version 7.9.1 onwards, we only support 64-bit Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Do a quick check on system requirements before using Katalon Studio. You can refer to this document here: Supported Environment.

Download Katalon Studio

To download Katalon Studio, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Katalon website: Katalon.
  2. Register a Katalon account with an active email or sign in to your Katalon account if you already have one.
  3. Navigate to the product download page: Katalon Studio Download.
  4. Select and download the suitable version of Katalon Studio for your system.

Start Katalon Studio in macOS

To start Katalon Studio in macOS, do as follows:
  1. After downloading the .dmg file, double-click on it to proceed with the installation.
  2. Add Katalon Studio to the Application folder when prompted.
    Add KS to the Application folder
  3. To start Katalon Studio, double-click on the Katalon Studio application.
    Open Katalon in macOS
    • For macOS Catalina users, from version 7.9 onwards, macOS Catalina users no longer have to enable Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine applications in System Preferences. Users can start the applications directly as in macOS.

    Once started, the application should display the splash screen similar to the following screenshot:
    Katalon Studio splash screen

Start Katalon Studio in Windows

To start Katalon Studio in Windows, do as follows:
  1. After downloading the .zip file, extract it to the C:\Users\<username> folder.
    Extract the .zip file in Windows
    • For Windows users, if you are extracting Katalon Studio outside of the C:\Users\<username> folder, make sure the current user has the Read/Write permission for Katalon Studio package or runs the software with administrator privileges.

  2. To start Katalon Studio, double-click on the katalon.exe file.
    Open Katalon in Windows
    • Ensure you are using the default font size (set to 100%) in both Katalon Studio and your current OS to avoid the name field not being displayed on some pop-up windows. To adjust the font size:

      • For Windows, you can refer to the Microsoft document here: Edit the font size.
      • For Katalon Studio: Go to Window > Preferences > General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts. Select Dialog Font and edit the font size.

Activate Katalon Studio

To activate Katalon Studio, follow these steps:
  1. The Katalon Studio app launches, then the Katalon Studio Activation dialog appears. Sign in to your Katalon account to activate your license. To learn more about license activation steps, see Activate Katalon Studio license.
    Activate Katalon Studio
  2. After you are done, click Activate.
Now Katalon Studio is ready for use.