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Katalon Help

  • Since version 7.8.0.

In case you need some help using Katalon Studio, we have you covered.

From the main toolbar, go to Help. You can see a Search bar and a dropdown menu like this:


In the search bar of the Help menu, type in keywords related to your issue. The results are dividing in two categories:

  • Menu Items: Items in Katalon Studio that relate to your search. Hover over each item to display a pop-up containing information on where this item is located.
  • Help Topics: A list of guides selected based on your operating system.

search for help

Quickstart Guide

You might see the Quickstart guide at the very beginning when you first use Katalon Studio. However, you can always return to this start page to replay onboarding instructions. Katalon Studio supports the onboarding tours for:
  • WebUI

  • API

  • BDD (available from version 8.4.0)

quick start page

First, you need to open or create a new project. Then, based on the type of project you choose, Katalon Studio shows you how to:

  • Create and run your first test.
  • Plan your tests with test suite.

Each onboarding tour has tooltip boxes displayed to guide you through the steps. The What's next? section directs you to our documentation page, where you can explore more instructions on how to use Katalon Studio.

From version 8.4.0, Katalon Studio introduces the onboarding tour for behavior-driven development (BDD) testing.

Onboarding tour

To access the BDD onboarding tour, you need to create or open a Generic Project. Then, choose BDD as the type of automated testing.

choose onboarding tour

Start Page

The Start Page appears by default every time you open Katalon Studio. However, you can always open this Start Page by navigating to Help > Start Page.

start page

In the Start Page, you can see your current Katalon Studio version and your license information, including the expiration date. You can also navigate to our Plugin Store, Help Center, Documentation page (Tutorials), and Academy.

You can also find here advice on testing best practices, hot discussions from our forum, release highlights, and news.

From Katalon Studio version 8.2.0 onwards, you can turn this page off by going to Preferences > Katalon > Show Start Page content. This function is available for Katalon Studio Enterprise only.

show start page content

Report Issues

If you click on Help > Report Issues, you are redirected to our Forum, where you can search for or create a new topic related to your problem.

Error Log

Go to Help > Error Log to view the log file of Katalon Studio application, which also includes any error that might have.

error log


From version 7.8.0 onwards, you can view our in-app tutorials for new Katalon users to start testing.

Go to Help > Tutorial to view the tutorial for each testing types:

  • Web UI
  • Web Service
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions on creating, executing, and viewing the report for a test execution.

Encrypted Text

The encrypted text is helpful when you work with sensitive text. To learn more about encrypted texts, see Working with Sensitive Text.

Check for Updates

You can update to the latest version by navigating to Help > Check for Updates.... Updating in this way keeps all your previous configured preferences. To learn more about updating Katalon Studio, see Update Katalon Studio.

Version 5.6.0-7.7.2


Katalon Help can remember your last selected tab before closing Katalon Studio.

Katalon Studio has a central help page with Tutorial, FAQs, User Guides, Katalon Studio built-in Sample Projects, and Recently opened projects.

Select Help > Katalon Help. Katalon Help page appears.

Katalon Help

On the left menu, clicking on any icon takes you directly to the respective page.

Getting Started

Getting Started is the default tab when you first start the Katalon Studio application. You can also choose to view the quick guide to perform Web UI, Mobile, or API testing, along with the scripting feature in Katalon Studio. Clicking on any hyperlink word from each step takes you to its full instruction page.

getting started

Sample Projects

If you are not connected to the Internet, Katalon Studio provides 3 built-in sample Projects: Web Testing, Mobile Testing, and Web Services Testing. Click on the icon of your preferred project type to create a new project accordingly.

If you are connected to the Internet, there is a list of available sample projects for you to try on the Katalon Help page. Choose a sample project to import into Katalon Studio. Additionally, you can go to our GitHub repository page by clicking on Explore....

Sample Project


The Recents tab displays any recently opened Katalon Studio projects. If you are new to Katalon Studio, this tab displays the message: "You haven't opened any projects recently."