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View BDD reports

After execution, there are two places for you to view BDD reports: in Katalon Studio and in Katalon TestOps.

View BDD reports in Katalon Studio

There is no custom report for executing Feature File. Katalon Studio uses only generated Cucumber reports for test suite and test suite collection execution level, in which the test cases contain the Cucumber Features file.

The generated Cucumber reports of test suite and test suite collection are located in the same folder of Katalon Studio report folder. In Katalon Studio Tests Explorer, right-click at the desired Report folder and choose Open Containing Folder. Katalon Studio redirects you to the local folder where Cucumber Reports are stored.

Katalon Studio supports three formats for Cucumber reports: JSON, XML, HTML.

report folder

View BDD reports in Katalon TestOps

Katalon TestOps has dedicated support for viewing BDD test results as well as advanced analytics and reports such as Traceability Matrix Report. To learn about Traceability Matrix Report, you can refer to this document: Traceability Matrix Report.

By default, the BDD test report feature on Katalon TestOps is disabled to avoid mixing the BDD and Katalon Studio formatted data. To enable the feature, you can refer to this guide: View BDD Test Results in Katalon TestOps.