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Manage test cases in dynamic test suites with Katalon Studio

A dynamic test suite (DTS) is a test suite with multiple test cases added via a search query. You can dynamically add test cases based on the ID, name, tag, comment, and description of a test case.

This article shows you how to create and query test cases for execution in a dynamic test suite.


  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license. To learn more about activating your license, you can refer to this document here: Activate Katalon license.

Create a new dynamic test suite

To create a new dynamic test suite, do as follows:
  1. In the Tests Explorer panel, right-click at the Test Suites folder > New > Dynamic Test Suite.
    Create a new dynamic test suite
  2. Fill in the name and the description (optional).
    We name it Dynamic Test Suite 1.

    Create a new dynamic test suite dialog

  3. Click OK.
You have successfully created a new dynamic test suite.

Add test cases to a dynamic test suite

To add test cases to a dynamic test suite, you first need to enable the search query provider in Katalon Studio. Follow these steps:
  1. By default, the Query Provider is set to No query provider available when you implement the dynamic test suite for the first time. To enable the query provider for the dynamic test suite:
    1. Install one of the following plugins from the Katalon Store:
    2. Navigate to Account Settings in Katalon Studio and click Reload Plugin to activate the installed plugin.

    After you successfully activate the plugin, the Query Provider automatically applies the query syntax of the installed plugin. You can learn more about each plugin query syntax in these following documents:

  2. After enabling the search query provider, you can add test cases to the dynamic test suite via the Query Builder function.
    Query Builder provides a convenient way to create and run a query in Katalon Studio. To open the Query Builder function, in the dynamic test suite view, click Query Builder.
    The Query Builder dialog appears with the included information:
    • Id: to search by the exact IDs of a test artifact.
    • Name: to search by the name of a test artifact.
    • Tag: to search by the tag linked to test artifacts.
    • Comment: to search by the comments attached to test artifacts.
    • Description: to search by the description associated with test artifacts.

    The query builder dialog

    Every field in this Query Builder function can be applied to search for all types of test artifacts such as test cases, test suites, folders, etc. However, only test cases will be found and added to the dynamic test suite.

  3. Input your search criteria, then click Search. The query provider queries out the matching test cases.

    In this example, we want to filter for all test cases that have Chrome in their name, and add them into the dynamic test suite. After opening the Query Builder dialog, input Chrome into the Name text field. Then hit Search.

    Query test cases whose name contains Chrome