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Version: legacy

Set up an account

This article shows you how to start with Katalon TestOps.

  • For new users, sign up with a business email.

  • For existing Katalon users, sign in with your registered Katalon account.

Once you have successfully signed in Katalon TestOps, it prompts you to create an Organization and a Project. For detailed instructions, click here.

  • If you are an existing Katalon user, you automatically have an Organization under your account name when you sign in Katalon TestOps for the first time.

After creating an Organization, the homepage displays as below.

TestOps homepage

TestOps homepage is a quick way to see your Organizations, Projects and their details.

  • Organization: You can see the list of all Organizations you belong to.

    Select an Organization (e.g., Katalon) to see its details.

    You can update your Organization name, manage Teams and Users if you’re the Owner or Admin of your Organization.

  • Project: You can view the most recent Projects managed by the Team you belong to.

    Select a Project to view its details and to start working on it.

Sign out

Follow these steps to sign out Katalon TestOps:

  1. Click on the Avatar icon on the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Click Sign Out at the bottom of the popup bar.

    Click sign out