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TestOps Overview

Katalon TestOps is an enterprise-class platform for QA orchestration, test analytics, and advanced reports.

Katalon TestOps provides dashboards and reports on the status of product quality.

With Katalon TestOps, you can coordinate various activities, cycles, and frameworks in software testing. By doing so, you can ensure software quality at every stage without the need to sacrifice speed or require DevOps expertise.

Katalon TestOps key modules include:
  • Test planning

  • Test management

  • Reports and analytics

  • Configurations

To learn more about TestOps offerings and plans, you can refer to this document: Features comparison in Katalon TestOps.

Test planning

This key module is a continuous integration tool for scheduling remote executions on local machines, Kubernetes, and CircleCI.

Test planning eases deployment and configuration so that QAs can focus on testing activities.

It allows you to plan, schedule, and trigger Test Runs remotely. See: Schedule Test Runs.

Test management

This key module is a test hub gathering and connecting all quality data from multiple sources such as Katalon Studio, JUnit, TestNG, and Jira.

With test management, you can monitor test analytics for your projects.

You can also leverage it to gain critical insights into test results and integrate seamlessly with Katalon Studio and Jira for more efficient project management.

For more information, see:

Reports and analytics

This key module provides dynamic perspectives and insights into your automated testing activities. See: Introduction to TestOps Dashboard.


This key module allows you to:

  • Set up and manage Test Environments and Script Repository.
  • Enable integration with other frameworks.

Learn more about test orchestration and TestOps in our Katalon Academy course: Test Orchestration: Integrating Test Automation into DevOps.