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Query test cases linked to TestRail in a dynamic test suite

When the TestRail Integration plugin is enabled, the Query Provider in the dynamic test suite is updated with the TestRail query syntax standard. This allows you to query test cases associated with the TestRail test runs in the dynamic test suite.

To learn more about query syntax in the dynamic test suite, you can refer to this guide: Dynamic Test Suite.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a dynamic test suite in Katalon Studio.
  2. In the Query text box, enter the ID of a TestRail test run, then click on the Preview button.

    We want to query the test cases associated with the test run R8, we enter the test run ID R8 in the Query text box.

    Query TestRail test run in dynamic test suite

The test cases associated with the TestRail test run are displayed. You can now execute the dynamic test suite linked to TestRail and verify the results in TestRail.