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Link a Katalon test case with an Xray test issue

Katalon - Xray integration allows you to link a Katalon test case with an Xray test issue. As a prerequisite, you must have an Xray test issue created on Jira. To create an Xray test issue on Jira, see Create an Xray test.
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps. Then navigate to Test Management > Test Cases.
    The Test case page appears.
  2. Select a test case by clicking on it. select a test case
  3. From the test case detail page, navigate to the Linked Issue section.
  4. Choose from the Xray Test Issue dropdown list an Xray test issue to link with your Katalon test case.
    Link an Xray test issue
  5. Select Link to link the Xray test case with the Katalon test case.
    Select Link Xray test issue
You have successfully linked a Katalon test case with an Xray test issue. When you schedule a test run with your Katalon test case, an Xray Test Execution issue will be created on Jira. The Xray Test Execution issue includes a URL to the TestOps test execution together with other test execution details.Xray test execution issueYou can see the Xray test issue being linked inside the Xray test execution issue.