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Link a Katalon test run with an Xray test plan

This article guides you to schedule a Katalon test run and link it with an Xray test plan.
  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps. Then navigate to Test Management > Test Execution.
    The Test Execution page appears.
  2. From the Test Execution page, select Schedule Test Run.
    The Schedule Test Run dialog appears as below. Schedule Test Run dialog
  3. On the Schedule Test Run dialog, configure your test run with settings such as designated test suite, when to run the test, test environment. You can find detailed guidance for those settings in Schedule Test Run. After you have configured your desired settings, don't click on the finishing Schedule button yet. You need to link your test run to an Xray test plan before clicking Schedule.
  4. To link the test run with your intended Xray test plan. Navigate to Advanced settings.
    Schedule Test Run advanced settings
  5. From the Xray Test Plan section, type in the name of your Xray Test Plan, then select it from the suggesting dropdown list.
    select Xray Test Plan
  6. From the Xray Push Mechanism, select one among three mechanisms in the dropdown list:
    • Manual push only: Katalon will not automatically upload test run result to Jira/Xray upon finishing the execution. You will decide which test run result to be uploaded to Xray and do that manually.

    • Push on all runs: Katalon will automatically upload all test run results to Jira/Xray.

    • Push on passing runs only: Katalon will only automatically upload test run results with a Passed status to Jira/Xray.

    In this article we will opt for Push on all runs mechanism. Select Schedule to save the settings and finish.Finish scheduling test run

  7. After scheduling the test run, execute it. When the test run finishes, you'll be able to observe the test run result being uploaded to Jira under an Xray test execution issue. The Xray test execution issue is created bearing the Katalon test execution ID in its designated name. In the Xray test execution issue below, its name Test execution 27 indicates the TestOps test run ID was 27.
    Xray test execution issueYou can find and see the test run ID 27 on TestOps Reports > Test Runs.TestOps test run ID