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Basic Search For Dynamic Test Suite


Dynamic Test Suite allows you to define the query search and manage query plugins from Katalon Store. Basic Search For Dynamic Test Suite is one of them. This plugin enables basic search capabilities to look for test cases faster in Katalon Studio and help filter which test cases to be executed.

  1. Create a new dynamic test suite by a right-click on Test Suite > New > Dynamic Test Suite.

  2. Add test cases to the dynamic test suite NOT in a manual way but via search query. Enter the search condition, click Preview to query out the matching test cases and the total number of results.

    For example, to add the test cases in the “Custom-keyword samples" folder to this dynamic test suite, you can use this search query:
    id=(Test Cases/Simple Examples/Katalon Shop/Custom-keyword samples)

    Test cases that match the search conditions are chosen when the test suites are executed (unlike in built-in test suites, test cases are chosen at planning time).