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Add Custom Fields and Tags to test cases

Besides the test case attributes offered by Katalon, you can create as many as you need to suit your need. Custom Fields and Tags help you do that. You can then organize or query your test cases based on the attributes you have created. To understand more about Custom Field & Tags and how to create them, see Custom Fields & Tags.

Add Custom Fields to a test case

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your project.
    The project Dashboard appears.
  2. Go to Test Management > Test Cases.
  3. Select a test case by clicking on the test case test case
    The Test Case Detail page appears.
  4. Select Edit to edit the test case details.
    Edit test case
    The Edit Test Case panel appears.
  5. In the Custom Field section, click the + Add new button. Add new custom field
  6. Select from the dropdown list your custom field key and value. Select Add icon to add the custom field. Then click Save. Add custom field icon
The custom field is added successfully to your test case.custom field added to test case

Add Tags to a test case

  1. From the Test Case Detail page, navigate to the Tag panel.
    Tags panel
  2. To create a new tag, enter a tag into the Select tags field and click (new tag) from the dropdown list.Add new tag
    A new tag is successfully created and added to your test case.Tag added to the test case
  3. To select among the tags you have created beforehand, select the dropdown list icon at the end of Select tags field.
    The dropdown list containing your pre-existing tags appear.Select tags dropdown list icon
  4. Click a tag within the dropdown list to add it to your test case.
  5. To remove a tag from your test case, click the remove tag icon and your tag will be removed from the test case.remove tags