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Manage test suites in Katalon Studio

A test suite (TS) is a collection of test cases.

A test case can be part of a different test suite. You can group test cases to a test suite in some logical way, such as grouping all tests related to regression testing or security, or all tests for a specific component or high-level feature/business case. A test suite can also be used as a dynamic way to cover requirements.

This guide shows you how to create and manage test cases in a test suite.

Create a new test suite

To create a new test suite, do as follows:
  1. From the menu bar, select File > New > Test Suite.
    create a new test suite
  2. Fill in the Name of the test suite and the Description (optional).
    New test suite dialog
  3. Click OK when you are done.

    Alternatively, you can create a new test suite after creating a test case. In a test case, click the Add to test suite.

    Add test case to a test suite

    You can choose to add that test case to an existing or a new test suite.

Add test cases to a test suite

There are several ways to add test cases into test suites in Katalon Studio. You can drag and drop test case into test suites or use the test suite editor to manually add the test case. You can add a test case in the same test suite many times.

To add test cases to a test suite, do as follows:

Open a test suite, then select Add Test Case from the command toolbar.
Add test cases to a test suite

All test cases in Katalon Studio are displayed in the Test Case Browser dialog for you to select your preferred options. The selected test cases are added to the test case list accordingly.

By default, the checkbox at the end of the test case row is checked. It means that the test case is executed when you run a test suite. If you want to disable a test case execution, uncheck the box.

Remove test cases from a test suite

A test suite should have at least one test case. You can remove one or many test cases in a test suite. Follow these steps:
Click on one or more test cases you want to remove, then click Delete from the main toolbar.
Delete test cases in a test suite from the main toolbar
Alternatively, you can also right-click > Delete.
Delete test cases from a test suite by right-clicking