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Manage test suites in Katalon TestOps

You can create, update and manage test suites in Katalon TestOps.

By doing so, you save time creating the test suite in Katalon Studio and uploading it to a Git script repository on TestOps.

Create a Test Suite


Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your project.

  2. Go to Test Management > Test Suites.

  3. Click on the + Test Suite button.

    The Create new Test Suite dialog appears as below.

    create new ts dialog

  4. Fill in the required information.

    • Test Suite Name: create a name for your test suite.
    • Script Repository: select the script repo.
    • Test Cases: select a test case, then click Add to add it to your new test suite.

      • Test cases have to be added one by one.
      • You can only add test cases from the same script repo you have selected.
      • If you want to switch to a different script repo, click Remove to remove the added test cases manually first. Once all test cases have been removed, the Script Repository section is enabled again. You can then select a different script repo.

        remove test case

  5. Click Create.

    A test suite is created in Katalon TestOps.

    The newly-created test suite is stored in the TestOps folder under the relevant script repo.

testops folder

  • The TestOps folder is a default system-generated folder and stores the test suite you have created in TestOps.

  • Katalon TestOps has a refresh feature where, if you clickRefresh, you can sync the latest version from your Git repos to TestOps. To ensure the default systemTestOps folder remains unaffected by this feature, Katalon TestOps ignores any other folder namedTestOps in your Git repos. Therefore, do not use the same name when you create test suites in other platforms (Katalon Studio and script repositories). By doing so, you can avoid losing data if you use the refresh feature.ư

Execute a Test Suite

See: Schedule Test Runs.

Update a Test Suite

You can rename a test suite and add/remove test cases in the test suite you have created in Katalon TestOps.

  • Katalon TestOps has a re-import feature where you can import test reports repeatedly. This feature only recognizes the original name of the test suite you have created. If you rename the test suite and then re-import reports, there is a high chance that TestOps does not recognize the new test suite name and consequently, it imports the wrong data. Therefore, rename your test suite with caution.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Test Management > Test Suites.

  2. Find your desired script repository in the folder list on the left sidebar.

  3. Go to Test Suites > TestOps.

  4. Click on the name of the test suite you created in TestOps (e.g. Test Suite TW Demo).

    The page appears as below.

    ts page edit button

  5. Click Edit in the top right corner.

    The page appears as below.

    script repo page

  6. Update the test suite.

    • You can edit the name in the Test Suite Name section.
    • You can search the test case in the Test Cases section, then click Add to add a test case.
    • You can remove a test case in the test case list by clicking Remove.
  7. Click Save to finish editing your test suite.

Delete a Test Suite

  • You must have a test suite already created in TestOps.
  • If there is any execution data associated with the deleted test suite, it will become a shell test suite and appear under the Uploaded Data folder.
  • If the deleted test suite is linked with any scheduled test runs, it will be unlinked from the schedule.
  • A shell-test suite is automatically created to store deleted test data.

For example:

When you go to Test Management > Test Suites and look at the test suite directory (on the left-hand side), you see the structure as given in the image below:

test suite structure

Consider that Folder A.1 has two test suites.

  • TS1 has been executed and contains execution data.
  • TS2 has not been executed.

If you delete TS1, shell test suites are automatically created under the Uploaded data folder to store the deleted TS1 test suite, as it contains executed data. See image below.

shell test suite

If you delete TS2, it will be removed from TestOps completely, as it does not contain executed data.

To delete a test suite, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Test Management > Test Suite.

  2. Click the test suite to view its details.

    script repo page

  3. Click the Delete button.

    The Confirmation dialog box appears.

    script repo page

  4. Click the Delete button in the dialog box to confirm.