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Export Katalon Recorder scripts to other frameworks

Katalon Recorder allows you to export test cases as scripts in various types:
  • Katalon Studio

  • Python (AppDynamics)

  • Robot Framework

  • XML

  • JSON (Dynatrace Synthetics)

  • Node (New Relic Synthetics)

  • Protractor (Typescript)

  • Sample for new formatters

  • Puppeteer

  • Puppeteer w Comments

  • JSON Puppeteer
  • Java JUnit

  • Java TestNG

  • Python unittest

  • C# MSTest

  • Java WRC + JUnit

  • Ruby Rspec

  • JavaScript

  • JavaScript Puppeteer

How to export Katalon Recorder scripts to other frameworks

There are two steps to export a test case.
  1. Select your test case.

    In Katalon Recorder, choose the test case you want to export as script, then select the Export action.

  2. Choose a format and export.
    Select format from the dropdown list. You can add your own formatter.
    From version 5.9.0, Katalon Recorder supports the importing and exporting of Selenium 4 projects. You can select the Selenium version and script type, then input the path to WebDriver.
    export project
  3. After choose your format, click Export to export your test case.