Common Issues

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Q: I can't activate my Katalon Studio

An account is required to download and activate your copy. If you don't have an account, please use this form for registration. An internet connection is required to activate Katalon Studio. In case you don't have internet access or blocked by a firewall, please submit a support ticket for offline activation and we will assist you to activate your copy.

Q: Some features on my website need some time to load. How do I address this? 

Katalon Studio has several keywords to address this situation comprehensively. For more information on how to address this issue, refer to Solving Wait-time issue using Katalon Studio.

Q: How do I deal with objects that can't be handled by Katalon Studio?

There are situations in which Katalon Studio cannot interact with certain objects in AUT. These objects may be from iframes, Single Page Apps or front-end technologies that Katalon does not currently support. In such cases, users can work around by using the images comparison approach. You can use the Built-in Keyword Verify Image Present to validate the objects that cannot be interacted.

Q: How to deal with iFrame?

Katalon Studio has prepared a tutorial that walks you through each step of working with iFrame. Please visit this link.

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