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Q: How is Katalon Studio different from Selenium or Appium? 

Katalon Studio is a simple and powerful test automation tool. It was built on top of Selenium and Appium framework. Katalon Studio allows users with less experience in programming background to work effortlessly by providing a predefined automation framework with hundreds of built-in keywords. Users can also leverage Record and Spy feature to capture objects and generate test scripts quickly.

Q: Why should I choose Katalon Studio instead of other open-source frameworks?

Katalon Studio is built on top of open-source framework Selenium and Appium and out-of-the-box ready to use with multiple integrations such as qTest, JIRA, GIT, etc. Users do not have to design and implement the frameworks. Katalon Studio takes all advantages of these open-source frameworks and provides advanced capabilities for test automation. On top of that, Katalon Studio was designed with Object Repository for better objects management and maintenance. At the same time, the object reusability can be achieved. One of the most exciting features of Katalon Studio is Spy and Record. It was developed to detect and capture dynamic elements intelligently, and also generate test scripts automatically. For an in-depth view of Katalon Studio, we have a review blog comparing Katalon Studio vs Selenium based open source frameworks.

Q: Are there any videos to learn about Katalon Studio?

Please check out Katalon Studio tutorials center at

Q: I can't download Katalon Studio installation files because of my protected Gateway detects there is a trojan virus. 

We believe it is a false alarm of your current Gateway protection software. Katalon team always go through security checklist for every builds before releasing to our users. VirusTotal scans the download URLs (They cannot scan file larger than 256MB). From Eset Node32 antivirus

virus scanner

Q: Does Katalon Studio have access to any of my current local machine data or my application under test when I use Katalon Studio?

We don't collect users personal data or application under test information except for feature usage for internal KPI report and tool version for update notification. You can opt out by using the firewall to block data/network traffic to suit the security policy.

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