Security and Privacy

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Q: How does Katalon Studio collect/store the data? 

Katalon Studio does not collect, store, nor transmit any Test execution results. Katalon Studio only collects data from crashes/bugs and usage frequency for internal KPI reports and enhancements. All Test resources including Test cases, Test data, Test Reports, App Configuration, etc, are saved locally. The user has the freedom to keep these Test artifacts private or share among team members via GIt Integration.

Q: What are the security protocols in place?

App configurations and credential data will be encrypted by PBE with SHA1 and DESede.

Q: What port does Katalon Studio use to communicate with external resources? 

Katalon Studio is a Desktop application and has connections to ALM integration servers such as JIRA, qTest, Slack, CI, etc. whose the security protocols are configured by the users. For update checking/ bugs reporting Katalon Studio uses port 443.

Q: How can I remove/change my Katalon account information? 

You can change your name and password via the Account profile page. To remove your account, please contact us via

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