TestOps Center Overview

TestOps Center is available on Katalon TestOps cloud (beta). This app provides you dynamic perspectives and an insightful look at your automation testing data.

Test Results and Monitoring

  • Integration with Katalon Studio: Katalon TestOps can be integrated with Katalon Studio for better test report management. Learn more

  • Upload Test Results from Katalon Studio: you can upload your test results from Katalon Studio by configurating in Katalon Studio app or using Command Line.

  • Manage projects or test executions

Integration with Jira

Katalon TestOps provides seamless integration with Jira that brings several benefits for team collaboration. Learn more


Item Description Representation
Releases You can populate Jira releases or create your own releases in TestOps. This helps you better manage the progress of your projects. Releases in Jira
Releases in TestOps
Requirements You can link to Jira stories to see whether the requirements are already covered or yet uncovered by related Test Cases. This helps you better keep track of all requirements that have been made. Stories in Jira
Test Cases in TestOps
Defects You can map with failed test runs in TestOps with Jira bugs to track the performance of your executions. Bugs in Jira
Failed Test Runs in TestOps