[User] Accept a request to access Katalon TestOps via SSO

This feature is only available for Katalon TestOps Enterprise. To request a free trial, please visit Trial Plans.


  • You have accepted the invitation to join Organization. Learn more
  • SSO has been enabled for your account. Please ask your admin to configure these settings.

Accept Single Sign-On request

After you have accepted the invitation to join an Organization and your admin has enabled SSO settings for your account, you will be directed to the below screen and see the message “The Organization Admin at {Organization} has requested to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your account. Please check your inbox and confirm the request." for your first time logging into the subdomain.

  1. Check the email with the subject “Verify Single Sign-On authentication".

  2. Click on the link in the email to navigate to the Configure Single Sign-On page.

Note: You will receive the email only after you have accepted an invitation to join your organization.

  1. Check for information and click on “Allow this account to access {Organization} via SSO” to confirm.

You will be automatically navigated to your subdomain after accepting the request.

You will need to sign in again to the subdomain using SSO.