Create a Local Test Environment with Agent

Agents manage local servers for executing the scheduled Test Runs the in local Test Environment. Katalon supports Agents that are compatible with different execution environments.

We share the Agents among members and projects within a team.

Set up an Agent

In Configurations, go to Agent setup > Select Local Environment > Follow instructions in the setup wizard.

Setup Agents step by step, see here.

Start an Agent

Copy the command that was automatically generated in Agent Setup page and paste to your CLI.

It may take a while for the agent to start.

Start Agents step by step, see here.

View Agent status

You can check the Agent status by going to Test Environments in Configurations.

You can delete an Agent anytime by clicking on the recycle bin icon.

The window Delete Agent displays and click the button Delete.

Please note that this action cannot be undone.

Authentication with Katalon TestOps

Agents will use serverurl and apikey in agentconfig for:

  • Activating Katalon Runtime Engine used for test execution.
  • Sending test results to Katalon TestOps.

We can see the serverurl and apikey in Generate configuration of Agent Setup.

Using the serverurl and apikey was shown here.

Configure Proxy for Agent

You can set up proxy for Agent in the agentconfig file with the proxy option.

For example, proxy=http://localhost:8080.

Next Steps