Automatically detect Assertions in each Test Case

Katalon TestOps provides you details about assertions in execution reports from Katalon Studio.

Assertions ensure that the application is working correctly by checking whether a condition is true, i.e., whether labels, data, API responses, etc., are rendered correctly.

This will give you a better grasp of the severity of a failure. For example, a Test Result with 1% of its Assertions have failed usually indicates a better product quality than that with 99% of the Assertions have failed.


  • Integration with Katalon Studio version 7.8.2 or later.

View the number of Assertions for each Test Result

Whenever an execution is submitted to Katalon TestOps, you can find its Assertions by going to Test Management > Test Cases > the Assertion statistics are displayed in each Test Result.

To view details of Assertions, click on the Test Result ID. Here you can find error messages and detailed logs of each Assertion.

Custom a current Assertion

You can exclude a custom keyword from being identified as an Assertion in the "Project Setting" page of Katalon TestOps.