Configure Jira BDD Settings

Katalon Studio provides a free Jira add-on to help create a seamless integration. This add-on gives you several benefits:

  • Sync test cases written in Gherkin and test execution results; and query issues based on testing status.
  • Dynamic perspectives and an insightful look at your automation testing data.
  • Progress tracking for better test management.

Jira Server


Install Katalon BDD - Test Automation for Jira here.

To install the add-on, please follow Atlassian's instruction.

Gherkin custom field

Only availabe for Jira Server Version

This add-on adds a custom field type to Jira called Katalon Gherkin. This custom field lets you write descriptions for your test cases and stories in Gherkin syntax. Gherkin keywords such as GivenWhenThen will be highlighted automatically. Once imported to Katalon Studio, the content of Katalon Gherkin field will be populated into test cases description.

To create Katalon Gherkin custom field, please follow Atlassian's instruction.

Jira Cloud

Install and Use Katalon BDD custom field in Jira Cloud

A new version of the Katalon BDD Add-on for Jira Cloud which supports BDD editor is available here.

Install the Katalon BDD add-on

To add the Katalon BDD custom field to Jira Cloud, from Jira settings -> Select Apps-> Select Find new apps -> Enter “BDD Katalon” in Filter apps-> Get app.

Create the Katalon BDD custom field

  • From Jira settings -> Select Issues ->in FIELDS tab, select Custom fields -> Add custom field.
  • Select a Field Type: Text Field (multi-line). Remember to associate it with issue types you want.

  • Provide a name and its description -> Create.
  • Associate the custom field to multiple screens by checkbox.

Enable the Katalon add-on and custom field

In Project settings -> Scroll down to the bottom then select Katalon BDD -> Select the field you’ve created, then Click Add -> Select issue types to show this field with BDD editor -> Click Save.

Try the BDD editor

In the selected issue, you need to enable the Katalon BDD Fields.

To edit content in Katalon BDD Field, click the pencil icon and write a Gherkin content, then click the check icon. Make sure the content starts with Feature.

View Katalon Studio Test Execution Result on Jira

Once Jira is integrated with Katalon Studio and the add-on is enabled in Jira Cloud, a panel called TEST RESULT inside the issue page enables users to directly view the test result. In the new view of the issue page, just click Test Result. The result includes the execution status (PASSED, FAILED, INCOMPLETE, ERROR) and test artifact attachments (e.g. logs, screenshots, etc.).

Note: In Katalon Studio, the test case imported from Jira should be executed in Test Suite to view the test result.