View BDD Test Results in Katalon TestOps

Starting from Katalon Studio 7.8, if a BDD-enabled Katalon Studio project is integrated with Katalon TestOps, you can see native BDD reports with Features and Scenarios instead of Test Cases.

Enable Katalon TestOps integration with Katalon Studio

Set up a BDD project with Katalon Studio

Upload and View BDD reports

Configure BDD Settings

In your project, go to Project Settings > Enable BDD reports.

View BDD test executions and logs

After you have configure BDD Settings, Katalon TestOps will recognize and process BDD-based test execution results.

To view BDD reports, in your project, go to Executions.

There will be icons next to those BDD executions.

Scenario content is also shown on Test Run pages. This will help you capture the logic of each Test Case easily.

View BDD test results in as Requirements

In your project, go to Requirements.

Features of your BDD tests will be displayed as Requirements, whereas scenarios will be displayed as Test Cases.