Upload Test Projects

After downloading and configuring Agents, the next step is to create a test project in Test Projects. It is where you store your test projects for remote execution.

On Katalon TestOps, go to your Project, choose TestOps CI and select Test Projects. Here you can view your existing projects or create a new test project.

To create a new test project:

  1. Click Create Test Project on the top right corner.
  2. Give a name to your project and describe what it does.
  3. Click Choose Files to browse to your compressed project code from your local machine. If you store your project in a code repository such as Github, you can download the project zip package from Github.
  4. Click Create to upload the project code.

When it is completely uploaded, you can click Plan to schedule an execution for it. Learn more about scheduling tests on Katalon TestOps.

To create a Git test project, please visit this document.