Katalon TestOps Core 1.x

Release Notes for Katalon TestOps Advanced can be found here.

Latest Release - Version 1.1.0

New features

  • Introduce a new term — Build — that is used in Katalon TestOps. Learn more about the definition of Build here.

  • Create and manage Builds in Test Planning. Learn more

  • The "Task" feature has been removed.


  • Introduce a new and improved Katalon TestOps User Interface.

See What's new in TestOps Core 1.1.0?

Version 1.0.0

New features

  • Monitor Test Runs in a calendar view. Learn more

  • Manage Test Runs with similar configurations with Test Run Types. Learn more

  • View Release Readiness by Test Case status & Test Run history. Learn more

  • Manage Katalon Studio Test Results (BDD and non-BDD). Learn more

  • Automatically detect assertions in each Test Case for better quality evaluation & failure investigation. Learn more

  • Balance loads between multiple Test Environments. Learn more

  • Support reports for Visual Testing. Learn more

  • Create an Agent for Docker Environment. Learn more


  • Simplify the Local Test Environment setup process.

  • Enhance CI integrations.

  • Enhance UI/UX

  • Simplify the Local Test Environment setup process.

  • Enhance navigation to recent projects and on-going Test Runs.

  • Enhance Jira issue lists.

  • Centralize Test Run data for better collaboration.

  • [Visual Testing] Incorporate reports into Test Run results.

  • [Visual Testing] Provide execution comparisons with visualization.

  • View Test Sessions with logs submitted from Test Environments.

  • Support sharing Test Run report via email.