Create and Run a Test Plan

Create a new Test Plan


To create a new test plan, please follow the below instruction:

  1. In your project, select Plan.
  2. Click Create Plan on the top right corner.
  3. In Configure a Plan, enter required details to define your test execution plan:
  • Plan Name: It's recommended to give a name that has a meaning.
  • Test Project: Select a test project in the drop-down list.
  • Type:
    • Test Suite Collection: Select a Test Suite or a Test Suite Collection that you want to execute.
    • Katalon Command: Enter a command to execute Katalon Studio tests. This command can be generated from Katalon Studio command generator.
    • Generic Command: Enter a command to execute this test with another tool.
  • Cloud type: Select the test environment which you have already configured: Local Agent or other Test Environments such as CircleCI or EKS. The following screenshots are examples of CircleCI configuration.
  • Katalon Studio Version when you want the Agent to download Katalon Studio automatically.
    Or you can use Pre-Installed Katalon Studio Location to browse to Katalon Studion on your machine. This option is recommended in network restricted environments.
  1. Select an Agent in the drop-down list. If you have just configured an Agent, please wait for a while for it to be registered with Katalon server.
  2. Click Create. The newly created test plan will be displayed on the Plan view.

Run a Test Plan

After a test plan has been created, you can run it manually or schedule your tests.

To run your test plan, in your project, go to Plan > click on the icon as below.

You can also run your test plan by go to the test plan details page and click on Run button.

After you have finished running the test plan, you can view the status in the details page.

Refer to this document to learn how to schedule a test plan.