Introduction to TestOps Dashboard

The TestOps Dashboard module provides you an overview of recent test activities and upcoming releases. This module highlights your testing with real-time data assembled in three dashboards, which drive insights and assist you in the decision-making process.

The three dashboards are:

  • Test Activities
  • Release Readiness
  • Local Test Environment

Test Activities

This section allows you to monitor:

  • The number of passed and failed test runs each week.

  • How much time test execution takes each day.

  • The number of test cases and their results.

  • How the ratio of passed and failed test runs change, week by week.

Release Readiness

This section allows you to:

  • Assess the status of the two most recent releases.

  • Oversee your release plan with reminders for the delivery date.

  • Monitor productivity to see progress in development and testing.

  • Highlight the total number of defects for each release.

Local Test Environment

This section allows you to view:

  • How many offline agents are setup for your local tests.
  • The distribution of offline agents by operating system.