Filter and Sort

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Katalon Analytics allows you to filter and sort any tables to view the execution information that matters. Any issues or trouble areas can be quickly drilled-down to with provided quality insights.

To filter any table, click on the plus "+" button and a drop-down menu will be displayed to let you select the column to be filtered. Next, fill out all the required criteria and click the check button to apply. It is also possible to add multiple filters. Simply click on the "+" button to add more filters and will be applied in sequence. 

Once finished, Katalon Analytics table will be filtered and show relevant data.

To sort, click on the sort text box, a drop-down list will be shown with the column name and its predefined order (Ascending and Descending). Columns will be sorted base on the selected order. 

The example from the screenshots above shown:

  • Filter: Any execution with Age more than 2 will be filtered and displayed.
  • Sort: Any execution has the longest execution time will be on top of the list.

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