Filter Test Runs list by Build name

In Katalon TestOps, you can filter Test Runs by Build name to:

  • Find and track the list of Test Runs linked with specific Build names.
  • Monitor testing progress linked with those Builds.


  • Execute tests from Katalon Runtime Engine.

  • Integrate Katalon Studio with Katalon TestOps.

    You can learn about integration here.

Add Build name in Command Line or Console Mode

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Command prompt.
  2. Find the Command Line option --info -buildLabel and edit it with your own info.

You can find it in this list of katalonc command options.

Filter Test Runs by Build name in Katalon TestOps

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to TestOps web page account.

  2. Login to your account and choose your project.

  3. Click on Reports & Analytics, then Test Runs.

  4. Find the Build Label filter as shown below.

    By default, it will display All which means that all of your Test Runs in all Builds are listed.

  5. Click on Build Label to start filtering. Manually input the -buildLabel value that was previously configured in Katalon Studio.

  6. Click Update.

    You can now see the list of Test Runs associated with that -buildLabel.

The Build name will be displayed under the Configuration section on each Test Run.

You can also go back to the default filter by clicking Clear.