Execute Scheduled Tests

Grid and Agents are designed to make Katalon Studio test execution simpler and schedulable on your local servers. You now can run your planned tests at any time with just a click. You can also speed up the test execution by distributing them across browsers and operating systems, and running them in parallel or on schedule.

You must start Agents on local machines and keep it active to execute any test.

Execute a test plan

To execute a test plan, in your project, select Grid > locate the plan you want to execute > click this button to execute the plan.

Depending on the number of selected Agents, new jobs will be initiated and queued on the Jobs list right on top of the screen. If they are executed successfully, you will see a link that leads you to the execution result.

Execute a scheduled test plan

Every test plan can have multiple schedules. On the Grid view, select a test plan. In its details view, you can view its jobs and schedules. With Schedules, the test plan will be executed automatically based on the predefined arrangement.

Or you can run a scheduled test at any time by clicking Run on the top right corner.