Defects are linked with Jira issues such as Bugs and can be viewed in Katalon TestOps.


To link a test run to a Jira bug, go to Executions > Select a test run by clicking on its ID.

Enter the Jira issue you need to link with a test run in TestOps. The defect has been created after completing these steps.

Quick tips: You can use the Katalon TestOps browser extension to quickly link Test Runs to Jira Bugs directly in Jira. Learn more

View Linked Test Runs in Jira

To view test runs you have linked in Jira, go to your Jira issue details and click on Linked Test Runs section.

View Defects in Katalon TestOps

After linking test runs to Jira Bugs, you can view them in Katalon TestOps as Defects.

To view Defects you have added to the execution, click on Defects tab in the Execution details page as below.

To view all defects, go to the Defects section in the navigation bar.