With Katalon TestOps' agent tool, you can execute your test plan yourself on in-house server infrastructure. Learn more.


Dashboards display test executions of one or more projects under a team, giving users an easy way of viewing and navigating to each execution to learn about its details. There are two types of dashboards in Katalon TestOps:

  • Team Dashboard: For team owners and admins to view and manage their test results imported to KT.
  • Project Dashboard: For teams to have an overview of test cases with passed and failed results.


Organizations are shared Katalon TestOps accounts where groups of users can collaborate across several projects at once. A user defaults to owning a personal organization and can belong to many organizations.


A Katalon TestOps project is a handful of reports generated based on a dataset of automation test results which are imported by users. It would typically represent the development of automation testing work. A project is created only by Admins of a team with a particular name and automatically generated ID. There are many projects in a team.

Learn more about Project Management.


A release can be considered as a milestone of your product. This feature is to enhance the continuous integration with your release in Jira. Learn more.


Katalon TestOps (beta) provides a set of default roles that have certain permissions related to user and project management. There are three roles including Owner, Admin, and User with hierarchical capabilities. Especially at the organization level, we have a role called Billing Manager, who has permission to manage subscription. Learn more


Test status is a test result of a test run or a test execution. There are four statuses including Passed, Failed, Error and Incomplete.


A task is a unit of work linked to relevant test results, which allows users to track certain issues related to test performance.

Learn more about Task Management.


Teams are groups of users that reflect the company's structures. A team is created by either Owner or Admin in an organization. Only members of a team can view and access the projects within that team.


A user is a personal Katalon TestOps account. Each user has a personal organization and can work on multiple projects. They can be invited to join other users' organizations and teams.

Note: Organizational and team levels are separate. An organizational owner, for instance, can be a team user.

Learn more about User Management.