Integration with Jira

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In Jira

  1. Navigate to Katalon Settings at the bottom of Project Settings.

  1. Enter the email registered for Katalon account.
  2. Enter an API Key.
  3. Enter Organization ID.

then click Save.

In Katalon Analytics

  1. Navigate to Jira Settings located in the toolbar of the project page.
  2. Enter Jira URL, Username and Password.
  • Jira Cloud

    a. Jira URL must be in the form of Https://<site_name>
    b. Enter your email registered for the Jira Cloud account in Username.
    c. Enter an Atlassian Cloud's API token in Password. See the instructions here.

  • Jira Server

    a. Jira URL must be in the form of Http(s)://domain without any trailing parts e.g. /secure.
    b. Use your username instead of an email in Username.
    c. Enter Password.

then click Save.

Jira releases

  1. In Katalon Analytics, create a new release, then link your test case with the release. The test cases that you already linked will be shown under Release section.

  2. In Jira, create a new release or use an existing release to integrate with Katalon Analytics.

  3. After everything is setup, open section Release in Katalon Analytics and select Jira Project and Jira Release from drop-down lists.

Example of viewing release status in Jira Cloud:

Jira issues

  1. Go to project and select a test case under ID section.

Note: You can filter by Release by selecting a release in the drop-down list.

  1. Click on test case ID in History.

  2. Add Jira issue to Test Result in Katalon Analytics.

Note: You can add more than one issue by typing [issue1,issue2,...].

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