Visual Testing in Katalon TestOps

In Katalon TestOps, you can compare images captured during test executions with Visual Testing.


Set up Visual Testing

Follow these steps:

  1. Enable screenshot capture in Katalon Studio. See Capture Screenshots.

  2. Run a Test Suite in Katalon Studio.


If you have enabled Katalon Studio Integration, Katalon Studio automatically uploads Test Results to Katalon TestOps.

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps and go to your Project.

  2. Go to Reports & Analytics > Visual Testing.

    The Visual Test Runs page appears as below.

    visual test runs page in visual testing
  3. Click on the ID of a Test Run.

    The Test Run's Results page appears.

  4. Select the Checkpoints tab.

    test run #1 checkpoints page

    You can see the screenshots captured during a test execution.

  5. Select one of the screenshots to see the details.


    If you run a Test Suite for the first time, there is no baseline image.

Configure a baseline image

You can set up a baseline image to compare it with the screenshot of the next Test Run.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select a screenshot to see the details.

    id1 sample visual testing image
  2. Select the Passed or Failed icon at the top right corner of a screenshot, then close the screenshot.

    An Unsaved label now appears on the Checkpoints page.

    id1 result page with save to baseline button
  3. Go to the Results page.

    id4 highlight unresolved status
  4. Click Save to baseline.


If you run a Test Suite for the first time and the Test Suite has passed, the screenshots are automatically marked as Passed and there is no Save to baseline button. You can open a screenshot and click on the Failed icon, then switch back to Passed so that the Save to baseline button appears.

View baseline information

To see the baseline images you have saved, go to Reports & Analytics > Visual Testing > Visual Baselines, then select a screenshot for Baseline information.

Unresolved images

If you run the Test Suite again and the new screenshots of this test execution are different from the baseline images, the status of this Test Run is then marked as Unresolved.

id4 unresolved status

To resolve the issues, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ID of the unresolved Test Run.

    id4 results page
  2. Select a screenshot.

    id4 mismatch show diff button

    For mismatched screenshots, the new screenshot (on the right) is compared with the baseline image (on the left).

  3. Click Show diff to see the differences between two images (the differences are highlighted in red).

  4. Select the Passed or Failed icon to resolve.


    • The Unsaved label appears whenever you change the status (Passed or Failed) of a screenshot. If you click Save to baseline, the new Passed screenshots replace the older baseline images. Katalon TestOps then compares between the new baseline images and screenshots of the next Test Runs.