Upload a Test Suite to the Katalon TestOps

This tutorial shows you how to upload a Test Suite into a project in Katalon TestOps.

You need a Katalon account and sign in to this account.

Upload a Test Suite to the Katalon TestOps

We need to choose the Team and Project for integrating the result of Test Suite with Katalon TestOps. Click Menu Project > Settings, the window Project Settings displays, click Katalon TestOps. Choose the Team and Project (on the Katalon TestOps), which you want to upload the Test Suite result. In this example, we choose Team 1 and project CURA Healthcare 1. Then click the button Apply > OK for uploading to Katalon TestOps.

Open a Test Suite, which you want to upload in Katalon TestOps.

After running a Test Suite, click the Result tab.

In the Katalon Studio, click Katalon TestOps, click Upload for uploading the result of Test Suite.

The window Katalon TestOps displays, choose the Team and Project, then click button Upload.

Go to the page Katalon TestOps, sign in with your account. Then go to the Project Management, choose the project CURA Healthcare 1.

The Dashboard displays.

Click to the sidebar Reports & Analytics > Test Runs.

The Test Runs displays the results of running the Test Suite. Then click the number at the ID column.

The Test Run displays the Summary, Test Results, Files, and Defects.