How to create Katalon TestOps Organization

This tutorial shows you how to set up an Organization properly in Katalon TestOps. One team member can complete these steps to invite all the others to an Organization for working on projects.

You need a Katalon account. Register here if you don't have one.

Create an Organization

Organizations are shared Katalon TestOps accounts where groups of users can collaborate across several projects at once. A user defaults to owning a personal organization and can belong to many organizations.

  1. Sign in to Katalon TestOps.
  1. On the home page, click Create Organization on the left sidebar, type the name of organization and click Create.

You have just created an Organization in which you are the Owner.

  1. Type in Project name and click Create.

You have just created a new project.

  1. Look for Share projects to your members, in the bottom cell, type the emails of members that you want to share.

Click the button Invite and Next.

  1. The board Upload the first test result is on.

Click the button Upload sample project to finish.

  1. Click the button Settings on the right side corner, chose Organization Management.

In the Organizaton profile view, give a name to your Organization. Here is you can also view your Organization ID.