How to configure Kobiton integration with Katalon TestOps

We can configure Kobiton Integration with Katalon TestOps. First, on the board Katalon Integration, we assign the Kobiton Device URL (1), Username (2), Kobiton's API Key (3). Then, we click the buttons Test Connection (4) and Save (5).

We must have a Script Repository on Katalon TestOps. Click to a Script Repository.

The Script Repository displays the list of Test Suite Collection. We choose Test Suite Collection, which we want to test.

In the board Test run type, we choose and type information in the cells (select Scrip Repository, Name, and Type in Configure Test Run).

We choose a Test Suite Collection, which we want to run. We choose Enable Kobiton Integration and type the ID of the device in Kobiton Device ID. We select the Test Environment Type.

Choose a Test Environment and a suitable Katalon Studio version.

Click the button Create for creating a Test Run Type.

Start Agent. Running a Test Run with Agent on Katalon TestOps can be seen here.

A new Test Run Type displays, we click the button Run for running.