What’s new in April release?

April 26, 2021

Katalon TestOps has been released with combined features of TestOps Core and TestOps Advanced. This release is the official version of TestOps, featuring three main points:

  • Introduce PyTest integration
  • Introduce Kobiton integration
  • Introduce test suite-based parallel execution

Introduce PyTest integration

This new feature is beneficial for the community of developers using the Python programming language. PyTest integration allows developers to:

  • Upload PyTest reports to Katalon TestOps after performing tests
  • Translate results from the unit and functional tests into 'codeless' reports in the centralized dashboard
  • Share test results with their teams for better collaborations

Introduce Kobiton integration

This new feature helps Katalon Studio users who perform mobile testing using Kobiton. Kobiton integration allows users to:

  • Integrate TestOps with Kobiton
  • Schedule and execute test runs with Kobiton devices at any time
  • View mobile testing reports in Katalon TestOps

Introduce parallel execution for test-suite level

Running test suites in sequential mode is time-consuming. You can only run one test suite at a time. Katalon TestOps features the test suite run in parallel mode. You can run multiple test suites simultaneously. This new feature optimizes continuous testing for a faster and more efficient test cycle. Parallel execution helps:

  • Distribute multiple test suites across available test environments
  • Reduce execution time
  • Minimize efforts to deliver results faster