Katalon TestOps OnPremise

Katalon TestOps is in the beta stage that can be trialed with our cloud version. The official offerings will be released later and we will have the OnPremise packages after that.

Katalon TestOps OnPremise (KTOP) is a web-based application that provides dynamic perspectives and an insightful look at your automation testing data in a restricted network environment. You can leverage your automation testing data by transforming and visualizing your data, analyzing test results, and seamlessly integrating with such tools as Katalon Studio and Jira.


  • Save time spent reviewing and analyzing test execution results.
  • Provide insightful visualizations on critical testing data.
  • Quickly troubleshoot your testing process and identify defects by locating exactly which test case failed.
  • Smoothly integrate with your issues and releases in Jira.
  • Maximize your testing capacity.

Key Features

  • Install and setup on your machine privately.
  • Configure mail server to send and receive notification about projects.
  • Import KTOP license generated from Katalon TestOps.
  • And other features of KT are also included in KTOP. Learn more.