Load Balancing for Local Test Environments

With TestOps CI, you can execute your test plans parallelly in load-balanced local test environments.


  • You have at least one active local test environment. Learn how to start a local test environment here.

Configure a threshold

The threshold is the maximum number of jobs that a local test environment can execute concurrently. You need to configure the threshold value to assign one local test environment to multiple test plans.

Note: Thresholds are set as 1 by default for all local test environments.

  1. To configure the threshold, go to a local test environment detailed page, update the value of the threshold
  2. Click on Update.

After updating the threshold value, you can assign your local test environment to execute test plans. The maximum number of parallel sessions that the local test environment can execute is equal to the threshold value you have configured.

Assign local test environments to execute test runs

To assign a local test environment to a test plan, select a plan and click on Edit.

Go to your test plan details page.

In the Test Environments section, select the local test environment you want to assign and click on Save.

If you want to assign multiple test plans to the same local test environment, repeat the above steps with other test plans.

Note: You can assign multiple local test environments to execute each test plan. If so, the most possible and active local test environment will be chosen to run the job.

After finishing the above steps, you can run or schedule your test plans in the load-balanced local test environment.

Check your executing jobs in Test Environments page as below.