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What is Katalon Analytics?

Katalon Analytics (Beta) brings users to the next level of reviewing Katalon Studio test execution reports. This web-based application provides in-depth views of reports through powerful visualization including charts, graphs, and reports. Thus, users can make an informed decision on the quality of application build. 

Katalon Analytics Beta version is now available. Katalon Analytics team welcome any suggestion and feedback to help us make this web application better serve end users. 

Benefits of Katalon Analytics

  • Shorten time to market by cutting down reviewing time
  • Provide meaningful view to users by visualizing reports
  • Identify bugs faster by locating which test case exactly failed
  • Able to view performance of test execution

Status Report

The Status Report visualizes an overview of Test Execution Report Status over the time. This is the fastest way to get the status (so does the quality) of Automation Test of the AUT. Moreover, with the help of Filter function, the user can easily either get the information of specific Test Execution Status or all Status at the same time.

Performance Report

Together with the Status Report, the Performance Report visualizes the amount of time each build takes. If the duration changes dramatically, it can be a signal of performance issue of the AUT and give the QA Lead a chance to fix the problem properly.

Executions Report

While Status Report displays the status of Test Cases in each build, The Executions Report demonstrates the status of the whole execution over the time as well as the summary status of it. In other words, the table contains the combined information from Status and Duration Reports.

Execution Detail Report

The Execution Detail Report provides detail information of the specific execution, including test cases list with specific status, test cases location, test suites and well as the environment detail where the test is executed.

Accessing Katalon Analytics

Katalon Analytics official portal: analytics.katalon.com

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