Delete data

  • The deleted projects and executions cannot be recovered. Delete them with caution.
  • Only team Owners and Admins can delete a project.

Delete a project

  1. Open your team page.
  2. Select Projects tool page on the left side to view all projects under your team.
  3. Click on the delete icon of the project you want to delete.
  4. Confirm your action in the pop-up by entering the project ID.

Delete an execution

In the executions table, click on the extension icon at the end of the execution row, select Delete and confirm your action in the pop-up.

Once you have successfully deleted the execution, it may take a little while for it to disappear from the test executions table.

Quick tips: Delete multiple executions

You can delete multiple executions at once by using the bulk selection feature in Executions screen.

After choosing the executions that you want to delete, click on the Delete button and confirm your action.

Please note that the action cannot be undone. Once you delete the executions, they will be gone forever.