Upload Test Results using Command Line

Katalon Analytics supports various types of test automation report generated by Katalon Studio and Katalon Recorder, and in JUnit formats.

  1. Download Reports Uploader and install Java JRE and Java JDK.

  2. Get the path to your Katalon Report folders, e.g. C:\Users\alex\Katalon Studio\Web Sample\Reports\Test Suite\20190523_143946.

  3. Start Command Prompt and use the following command to upload Katalon Report:

java -jar katalon-report-uploader-0.0.5.jar --projectId=3 --path="d:\katalon-reports" --email=admin@mail.me --password=admin --type=katalon
  • projectId: your project ID in Katalon Analytics.
  • path: a local path of Katalon Studio Reports folder identified in step 2.
  • email: the email registered for your Katalon account.
  • password: the password used for signing in Katalon Analytics or an API Key.
  • type: one of the values including "katalon", "JUnit", or "katalon_recorder".