Introduction to Project Toolbar

Access the project toolbar

To open your project, from the Katalon Analytic’s home page, select your project, then your project's home page will display.

Notice the tabs along the left side. Each tab represents a project tool page.

Project name

The selected project's name and release display. You can view project Dashboard showing the total number of test cases in terms of Passed and Failed status; and each test case’s details including ID, Name, Last Execution, Started time and Duration.

Test Results

You can view those reports that are automatically created based on the uploaded test results, including Status and Performance reports; and Test Executions table.

API Performance

You can view and manage all API Objects.


With Tasks, you can create, view and manage all tasks linked to multiple test cases. Task details consist of ID, Name, and Description. More details.


With Plan, you can create and manage test plans in different execution environments.

Code Repo

You can upload and store your test projects for your Katalon Analyticstalon Studio test execution via TestOps Cloud and local agents. More details.


You can build and deploy multiple releases in your software project. This feature is to enhance the seamless integration of Katalon Analytics with Jira. More details.

Test Maintenance

You can view all of the test cases and test suites imported to Katalon Analytics as well as their statistics. More details.

Jira Settings

With Jira Settings, you can configure the integration of Katalon Analytics with Jira by entering the required credentials. More details.